Vacuum Bagging

Vacuum Bagging Stock List

As a distributor for Umeco (formerly Aerovac and Richmond Aircraft Products), we represent the world’s leading specialist suppliers of vacuum bagging materials. Our technical staff are fully trained in the vacuum bagging process, and we can provide on-site assistance as required.

Lavender Composites carries an extensive range of materials and hardware in stock and can readily supply non-stock materials to meet your specific requirements. The range covers consumables for wet lay up and resin infusion through to high temperature autoclave moulding.

Umeco is a leading manufacturer of purpose built reusable vacuum bags and intensifiers. The rubber used in manufacturing these bags is also available for independent fabrication by our customers.

A summary of our vacuum bagging consumables product range follows:

Vacuum Bagging Films

  • For room temperature, oven and autoclave cures
  • Nylon and elastometric films
  • Cast sheet and blown tube formats
  • Tube widths from 60mm to 4000mm
  • Sheet widths up to 12000mm

Sealant Tapes

  • Numerous tape options to satisfy room- and high-temperature cure requirements

Bleeder / Breather Fabrics

  • Non-woven light and heavy weight polyester fabrics
  • Suitable for either low pressure vacuum-only cures or high pressure autoclave cures

Infusion Mesh / Reusable Breather

  • Knitted and moulded HDPE resin infusion mesh

Release Films

  • Numerous film material types tailored to specific fabricating processes and processing temperatures
  • Various perforation patterns available to suit wet lay up resin systems and zero bleed prepreg systems

Release Fabrics / Peel Plies

  • Nylon, polyester, and glass fabrics
  • Porous and non-porous versions
  • Available with fluorocarbon, silicon, and PTFE release coatings

Flash / Release Tapes

  • Polyester, nylon, polyimide and PTFE tapes
  • Various roll widths and tape thicknesses

Self Adhesive Tool Release Materials

  • PTFE coated glass fabrics
  • Un-reinforced skived PTFE film

Shrink Tapes

  • High shrink polyester tape, available with or without a release coating

Vacuum Fittings

  • Vacuum breach units
  • Non-return socket and plug units
  • Silicon rubber vacuum/autoclave hoses
  • Vacuum gauges
  • Vacuum venturis

Rubber Products

  • Silicone rubber for vacuum bagging and intensifiers
  • Silicone rubber mould sealing compound
  • Non silicone intensifier rubber
  • Rapid curing silicon putty
  • Latex sheets

Resin Infusion Adhesive System

  • Hot melt adhesive system designed specifically for the positioning of materials during the vacuum infusing process

Further information on these products and their uses can be found in the technical reference section.