Structural Prepregs

Prepreg Stock List

Lavender Composites is the exclusive Australian distributor for Solvay (formerly Cytec and Advanced Composites Group), a world leader in the advanced composites industry for more than 25 years. We supply a comprehensive range of epoxy, cyanate ester, and BMI prepregs tailored to meet customers’ specific applications.

As the distributor for Solvay, we have access to their well-respected experience in the advanced composites industry. In addition to our own technical staff, customers have access to Umeco’s dedicated Technical and R&D department.

We carry a comprehensive range of prepregs in stock and can easily supply special materials to meet your specific requirements at short lead times.

For customers new to prepregs, Lavender Composites offers on-site technical assistance and training to demonstrate the techniques involved in the lay up of these materials.

A brief overview of the prepreg product range follows:

VTM Series

A new generation of long outlife, flexible cure temperature (65°C-130°C) formulations, which offer outstanding vacuum-only processing capability for the widest scope of reinforcement formats.


A selective resin impregnation technology for rapid lay-up and moulding of laminates using an oven/vacuum bag curing process. The process achieves high quality, pit free surfaces and low internal voidage.

LTM Series

A series of low temperature curing prepregs (typically 20°C-80°C) combining the advantages of a prepreg quality laminate and low cost oven requirement.

MTM Series

This series of prepregs cures at more conventional temperatures, typically 80°C-135°C.

HTM Series

A range of typically 180°C curing prepregs for specialist very high temperature applications.

Adhesive Films

Low temperature curing as well as conventional film adhesives.

Syntactic Cores

Epoxy syntactic core films used for edge filling large sandwich panels and in thin variable depth sandwich construction components.

Data sheets as well as further information on prepregs and techniques used to fabricate components using these materials can be found in the technical reference section.

VTMTM, ZPREGTM, LTMTM, MTMTM, and HTMTM are trademarks of Solvay.