Structural Methacrylate Adhesives (SAF Range)

Lavender Composites supplies patented adhesives developed by AEC Polymers. The adhesives give exceptional performance with no surface preparation required.

These adhesives are economical; replacing conventional assembly solutions saves time and increases productivity.

From the flexible range (400% elongation – 6 MPa) to the structural range (30% elongation – 25 MPa), these methacrylate adhesives cover a span of open times from 2 minutes to 1.5 hours. Highly temperature resistant, they are ideal for a wide range of surface assemblies.

The properties of the SAF range make structural bonding possible, allowing for thermal expansion, vibration, humidity, UV exposure, and aggressive chemical environments. As substrate surface preparation is not required, they are simpler for all production staff to use. All adhesives in the range meet the M1/F1 accreditation for fire, smoke, and toxicity.

MS Polymer® Adhesive (Black Mamba Range®)

MSpolymers®, from AEC Polymers’ Black Mamba® range, are single component adhesives/sealants that cure by moisture absorption in 12 to 24 hours. Non-toxic (without solvents or dangerous materials) and environmentally friendly, MSpolymers® are ideal for a multiplicity of uses.

The permanent elasticity of these adhesives and waterproof sealants allows various assemblies in extreme conditions. They can be painted contrary to silicones and, due to their temperature resistance, can be used in the epoxy paint powder cycle (200°C for 20 minutes.). Black Mamba® is resistant to UV and humidity. The material is non-porous thereby avoiding the formation of mould or stains in the joints.