Lavender offers a broad range of materials for the manufacture of high quality composite tools, from low temperature wet lay up tools, through to high temperature autoclave tools.

As a distributor for the Advanced Composites Group (ACG), we have access to over 20 years experience in the design and manufacture of composite tools. Our staff have been trained at ACG’s UK facilities in the manufacture of tooling using the materials we supply. As well as our own technical support, customers have access to the dedicated Tool Design Service at ACG.

We carry a variety of tooling materials in stock, and we can supply on-site assistance to demonstrate the techniques involved in the use of prepregs to manufacture composite tools.

Lavender can also arrange for your tools to be manufactured at ACG’s UK facility, or through our network of Australian fabricators.

An overview of the composite tooling product range follows:

Tooling Resins

Epoxy tooling resins for low and high temperature capable tools (up to 160°C) and water based tooling resins for low temperature capable tools (<100°C)

Tooling Prepregs

A series of low temperature curing prepregs providing high service temperature capability and long tool life. Available in both glass and carbon fabrics.

Gel Coats

A series of gel coats specifically designed for long tool life at elevated temperatures.

Tooling Blocks

High temperature capable epoxy syntactic blocks for the manufacture of accurate and stable master models.

Tooling Ancillaries

A complete range of tooling block adhesives, surface sealers, tool backing structures and release agents.

Silicon Elastomers

A range of elastomers for the manufacture of reusable vacuum bags and caul sheets.