Mechanical Engineering

Special Purpose Machinery

From simple component cleaning machines through to large capacity CNC routers, Lavender has the expertise and experience to design machinery to your exact specifications.

Our 3D CAD software enables us to “virtually” construct your machine prior to any materials being cut.

As an additional service, we can manage the entire design, manufacture, and commissioning of your project.

Tooling Engineering

Lavender provides design services for:

  • Composite Tooling
  • EPS Tooling
  • Press Metal Tooling, aluminium and steel

Using a 3D CAD model of the component the complete tool is generated, along with full manufacturing documentation and drawings.

Our customer focused philosophy dictates that we work very closely with both the customer and their chosen tool manufacturer.

As an additional service, we can provide complete tooling through our extensive network of specialist machinists and composite laminators.